PRX-T®33 THERAPY – Innovative technology for remodelling and revitalizing the dermis without the use of injection techniques, without damaging the skin surface, without a rehabilitation period.

PRX – T33 ® Registered medical device that has been used in

more than 90,000 treatments

Therapy is the process of controlled damage to the skin in order to stimulate its regeneration. Intensive skin damage is required for a more pronounced effect, so that the active substance can hit the desired layer and stimulate its active structures. The PRX-T33 is the next generation of bio revitaliser that does not require injections, it contains 33% the well-known trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Hydrogen Peroxide and Kojic Acid. TCA peel is one of the most popular peeling treatments.
  • needle-free
  • provides non-ablative (not harming the top layer of skin) chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliating the epidermis
  • absolutely painless
  • there are no age restrictions
  • absence of rehabilitation period (after treatment, there is no bruising or redness, so you can go back to you normal life, there is no need to stay at home for recovery and limit active social life)
  • not photosensitising, so it can be used even in summer
  • The treatment lasts only 20-30 minutes 

Chemical peeling PRX-T®33 THERAPY

  • strata loss of firmness of face, décolleté and breast
  • acne and post-inflammatory spots after acne
  • presence of atrophic scars
  • stretching of various depths
  • adjuvant in the treatment of melasma and skin hyperpigmentation
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • hyperkeratosis of facial skin
  • prevention and treatment of facial skin photoaging
PRX–T33 ® can be combined::
  • the first stage in aesthetic medicine, when the patient has not yet chosen other procedures
  • addition to Contour plastic surgery- the final effect of the application of filaments is significantly improved
  • a procedure that creates a synergistic effect using Laser and Radio wave lifting therapy
  • therapy that improves the results of biorevitalization using threads, micro injections, etc.
  • carboxytherapy, mesotherapy and ozontherapy
PRX–T33 ® is suitable for patients of all sexes and ages. It can be used in any season
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) was previously associated with a weekly rehabilitation period, rattles and the risk of hyper- and hypopigmentation, but also with a dermormodeling effect. In order to achieve the effect of intensive lifting, it was necessary to undergo several such treatments with a long regeneration time. The combination of 33% TCA and hydrogen peroxide has become a unique invention in medicine. These two components, which act at the cellular level, provide a very significant biorevitalizing effect: TCA as a potent stimulator of fibroblast activity and hydrogen peroxide as an enhancer of receptor managed to neutralize the damaging effect of TCA and maintain its intense stimulating effect. One of the ingredients is 5% kojic acid, which helps lighten the skin and helps manage post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
HOME CARE FOR IMPROVEMENT AND PROLONGATION OF EFFECT: In the morning and in the evening – WiQo face cream according to skin type In the evening, 30 minutes before applying the cream, apply a smoothing and firming Fluid WiQo


PRX – T33 ® Suitable for patients of ages

5-12 years

  •  scars (after overcoming varicella, impetigo)

12 až 25 years

  • an alternative to cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of the skin anti-inflammatory program

20-25 years

  • can be used as an alternative to common cosmetic products for cleansing the facial skin (the skin is smoother, the process of eliminating blackheads, acne and purulent rashes starts)
  • stretch marks

25-30 years

  • prevention and correction of photoaging
  • melasma
  • stretch marks

35-45 years

  • biorevitalization of the skin
  • biorevitalization of the body skin
  • strong lifting fight against sagging skin (face, neck, décolleté)
  • prevention of skin aging
  • prevention of sagging skin on the chest

→ 45 years

  • comprehensive skin rejuvenation restoring skin tone
  • increase of skin elasticity (face, neck, décolleté)
  • increase the elasticity of the skin on the breasts

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