wax for hair removal

Wax epilation is the removal of unwanted hair on the face, as well as on the hands, feet, back, chest, abdomen, underarms, bikini zone and any other areas of the body with cold, warm or hot wax. Since it does not affect the hair follicle, while retaining the possibility of hair restoration, the procedure has a temporary effect from two to six weeks.

Wax facial hair removal can be recommended for women to remove excess hairs in the eyebrows, around the mouth, on the cheeks and chin, and for men with sensitive skin who experience allergic reactions as a result of daily shaving. A waxing body depilation can be a solution for athletes and people who professionally need to have a smoothly shaven skin.

Wax epilation acts on the skin as a pilling, clearing it of the keratinized cells, therefore, within two to three days after the procedure, recovery occurs. During this period it is necessary to protect the treated areas from the sun, to refuse to visit the solarium and to use products that enhance sunburn, as this can cause an allergic reaction.

Our salon also provides services for depilation of intimate zones “Brazilian bikini wax” for women and men. 


  • menstruation;
  • inflammation and skin lesions in the places of the procedure (herpes, wounds, abrasions, pustules, etc.);
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • varicose veins in the areas of planned depilation;
  • epilepsy.

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