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Proper cleansing is the basis of health and good skin condition. It is necessary to remove the dead skin cells of the stratum corneum, which performs a protective function; the proper cleaning of the deep layers of the skin with ultrasound eliminates excess salinity, toxins and various skin contaminations. Only after proper cleansing, skin renewal occurs, microcirculation and delivery of essential trace elements improve in the skin, and skin cells metabolism improves as well.

  • Consultation
  • Skin cleansing and tonifying , odstránenie nečistôt z pleti
  • Enzymatický peeling
  • We perform deep cleansing on the face moistened with tonic (10-15 minutes)
  • Pulling mask

Combined skin cleansing is a procedure that consists of a combination of two methods of skin cleansing : mechanical and ultrasonic or mechanical and applying chemical peeling depending on the skin type. Cleansing the skin from superficial and deep impurities, smoothing out its tone and relief, as the result you can expect the healthy look.It is not always possible to achieve an ideal skin condition with one cleansing technology, especially if the patient has been diagnosed with a range of cosmetic problems. In such cases, we offer our clients to perform combined cleaning, which combines the advantages of several types of procedures.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  • make-up removal
  • softening of the top layer of skin
  • mechanical, then ultrasonic cleaning or chemical peeling
  • at the end of the procedure, an anti-inflammatory mask and a nourishing cream are.
  • the most effective skin cleansing is achieved. The pores are able to completely “breathe” and assimilate useful elements.
  • increases the elasticity and tone of the dermis, smoothes fine wrinkles.
  • the result lasts 2 or more months.

Depending on the skin type, the procedure is performed every 2 – 4 months.

Sun, cold air, dust, wind and other negative external factors cause the skin to produce sebum, which hardens and forms a thin layer on the face. Many people have an increased production of the sebaceous glands, which causes clogged pores and the formation of comedones – blackheads. If bacteria enter the pores, inflammation develops, leading to acne. Poor eating habits, digestive upsets, hormonal imbalances and poor skin care only exacerbate this problem. Unfortunately, our skin is not able to cleanse itself, so we ourselves must help it with gentle cleansing!Facial cleansing by the Israel company Holy Land is one of the safest and most effective solutions to skin problems on the market.The results of this procedure are visible: pores are narrowed, skin inflammation is reduced, the surface structure and skin color are leveled.

  • Non-invasiveness and safety. The pores are opened and cleaned without steaming.
  • Versatility. Effective cleansing for all skin types.
  • Individual preparation of a cleansing program, taking into account the condition of the skin and its characteristics.

If you indulge in quality and regular facial massage, the effect will not wait long.

The blood starts to move, circulates faster – the metabolism in the cells intensifies – the skin receives the necessary nutrients in greater numbers, collagen and elastin begin to produce twice as fast – the skin becomes elastic

relieves swelling

the skin has a fresh color

the condition of the capillaries is normalized – reddening of the skin is alleviated

the contours of the face are firmer, without loose skin

regular facial massage relaxes the skin and psyche

facial massage – is effective against wrinkles, but also by their suitable prevention

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