Lash and eyebrow (4D and Volume Lashes)


These eyelashes are ultra-light, elastic and soft to the touch, like your own eyelashes. They do not irritate the eyes and eyelids; one can wear them for 4-5 weeks. Despite their large size, they are comfortable and the vision remains clear.

One eyelash can be attached, depending on the desired density, from two to 10 voluminous lashes. Thanks to this, you can achieve both extemporaneous and natural volume.

Volume Lashes are perfect for our customers, who have short or light, low-visibility eyelashes.

For these eyelashes, 100% mink wool or very fine synthetic fibers with a diameter of 0.05 mm, 0.07 mm a 0.10 mm are used.

The duration of the procedure is 2-3 hours.

4D eyelash extension

Fluffy and long eyelashes are the basis of an attractive look! Unfortunately, not every girl has received such a gift from nature. But you have the opportunity to get the lashes of your dreams with the help of the 4D procedure.


Sedentary eyelash extension is a very laborious, but very productive process. Thanks to this procedure, your eyelashes will look natural, and your eyes will get a more expressive and chic look.


The essence of the procedure is that eyelashes (artificial or natural) are attached to the base of your own eyelashes. The extension is carried out from the outer edge of the eye to the inner. Adhesive for eyelash extension is special, not causing allergies, even in sensitive skin. You should remove the mascara and other makeup before the procedure.

Shaping and tinting eyebrows and lashes

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