Stimulation current therapy ACCURA

Vysoká Frekvencia, LIFTING, Termo AF, Electroporácia

Stimulation current therapy by virtue of the Accura Sorisa apparatus in cosmetology is a universal procedure, which is very popular among various rejuvenating methods and procedures. This procedure is able to solve a number of medical and cosmetic problems. Stimulation current therapy is a process in which a low-voltage current passes into cells and fibers of the skin.

With the help of stimulation current therapy the following effects are achieved:

  • lymph drainage and regenerating effect;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • relieve of fatigue;
  • accelerated muscle recovery;
  • normalization of the work of neuromuscular tissue;
  • normalization of electrophysiological processes;
  • achieving anti-inflammatory effect;
  • increase the penetration of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin.

Cosmetology procedures on the device Accura (Sorisa):

  • Ozone procedure (D’arsonvalization)
  • Lifting – stimulation current therapy
  • Thermotherapy (Termo AF)
  • Electroporation

Ozone procedure (D’arsonvalization)


Liquid essences penetrates into the pores better during the deep peeling of the skin, so the skin does not need to be disinfected with special solutions, it is enough to pass the skin with a nozzle.

It provides disinfection, reduces the occurrence of irritations, accelerates the healing and closes the pores after depilation and the formation of eyebrows. All this reduces the damage of the skin.

Use: oslight interaction of the skin, even at high intensity, in contrast to the donkeys with high frequency.

Indirect Massage


Before applying serums or masks for their better penetration into the skin.

As an alternative to the massage. Or to the scalp massage with using a mask or other remedy.

To stimulate tired and fading skin.

Thermotherapy (Termo AF)


Lifting – microcurrent therapy

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