IPL therapy

IPL rejuvenation

An effective way to rejuvenate the skin

Photorejuvenization is performed by the IPL method (IPL – high intensity light pulses) and is based on selective photostimulation of collagen synthesis. IPL pulses do not damage the skin surface. The procedure stimulates collagen production, tightens the skin, improves blood circulation and skin color, and tightens pores.


IPL therapy is a technique that has many benefits. First of all, it is high efficiency. In a few sessions you can significantly improve the condition of the skin, get rid of wrinkles and acne, intensify the process of skin renewal, eliminate unheaty skin color , etc.

It is not necessary to change the lifestyle after the procedure. There is no lng time rehabilitation period , which is especially important for those who have dymanmic lifestyle.

This technique allows you to:

– Lighten and decrease the areas of redness, acne, dilated blood vessels

– Improve the texture of the skin, give it a youthful and healthy look, increase its tone

– Skin affected by acne is restored

The procedure can be performed on the face, neck and décolleté.

The main indications of the procedure are:

– Age-effected skin changes that occur most often after 30 years – the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, the formation of a double chin.

– Problematic skin

– Unhealthy color of the skin

– Dry skin

– Acne that cannot be treated by medical treatments

– Oily skin

What you need to know

– Slight redness and swelling may occur after the procedure.

– You cannot visit the spa and swimming pool one week after the end of the procedure.

Contraindications to photorejuvenation

IPL sessions have contraindications and you should read them carefully. The procedure is not performed in the following situations:

– Sunbathing or usage with self-tanning products two weeks before procedure

– Presence of various skin diseases and inflammatory processes in the active stage

– Presence of external signs of herpes

– Pregnancy and lactation

– Oncological diseases

– Presence of pathologies of blood circulatory system

– Using a cardiostimulator

– If you are taking antibiotics or retinoids, stop taking them about a week before the procedure

– Stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines containing aspirin, otherwise the skin may bruise

You also have to take into account the best fiting season for the procedure. In summer, it is better not to undergo IPL photorejuvenation of the face, because ultraviolet radiation is particularly intense on the skin at this time and unwanted pigmentation may appear. The best option is autumn, winter, spring, when the probability of complications is significantly reduced.

Number of treatments for excellent results

For most people, 3-5 sessions are enough to get the most out of IPL therapy. The break between sessions is usually 3-4 weeks.

The effect is felt after the first procedure.

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