KOMPLEX JUVILIS – The first line of home cosmetics, which contains a concentrate of the main components of injectable fillers.Fillertrans® and HSP-Like® – Follicular penetration enhancement technologies



Fillers are introduced into treatments to reduce the amount of wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin.

Juvilis is used for the first time as a filler as an ingredient in creams. Previously, they were used only in the field of aesthetic medicine. Each cream contains a filler used for injections.

Results of application to mature skin * (average age 50 years):

Total wrinkle surface: -40% in 29 daysExcellent visible results over 3 weeks:Skin appearance: + 44%Wrinkles: -22%Dark circles: -24%Swelling: -25%

WHY JUVILIS?SAFETY: Juvilis has passed many safety tests. The products do not contain parabens, preservatives or dyes. They do not cause acne and have been developed to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.EFFICIENCY: the combination of follicular absorption and resorbable fillers acts with greater speed and efficiency than traditional cosmetics. Juvilis will allow you to achieve visible results in a short time. Reduction of surface wrinkles by 40% in 29 days.

INNOVATION: Juvilis offers state-of-the-art anti-aging treatment. The exclusive patented Fillertrans® and HSP-Like® technologies increase the absorption through the skin follicles and support the penetration of active ingredients, delivering and releasing them in the deep layers of the skin.EASY TO USE: Juvilis is a very easy-to-use medicine as well as a highly effective cosmetic product for home use in the form of a supplement, support or alternative course of treatment with filler injections and mesotherapeutic drugs, without replacing medical practice.COMPETITIVENESS: Juvilis offers exceptional value for money and satisfies both consumers and prescribers, as good product turnover is ensured.

Home care products

Daily lotion

anti – aging, firming, protective.

Alternatives to the course of treatment with filler injections and mesotherapeutic products.

50 ml – 54,00 eur

Night cream

regenerating, strengthening, anti-wrinkle.

Contains resorbable filler Hydroxyapatite – Hydroxytrans®.

A polyactive, nourishing and strengthening formula that stimulates cellular activity to create beautiful young skin.

50 ml – 57,00 eur

Beauty serum

Serum that strengthens the skin “instant burst of beauty”. Concentrated anti-aging essence with tensor peptides, which smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and tones the skin and creates beautiful young skin.

50 ml – 72,00 eur

Eye complex

refreshing toning gel with the effect of “anti-dark circles” and “anti-swelling”. The polyactive anti-aging formula, which smoothes mimic wrinkles, dries the area around the eyes and increases microcirculation, thus creating beautiful young skin.

15 ml – 48,00 eur

Cream gel for washing

Juvilis cosmetics are revolutionary cosmetic products.

Together with hyaluronic acid, Hyalutrans® fills and smoothes wrinkles

Revitalizing cream-gel for washing. Gentle, everyday, flawless peeling procedure. It contains the exclusively absorbable transdermal filler Hyalutrans®, which supplies active ingredients for deeper cleaning.

50 ml – 52,00 eur


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